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  The Death of the American Spirit 

Have you ever cheered at a funeral?  Neither have I, which is why I found the audience reaction at the Democrat Presidential Debate in Las Vegas particularly disturbing.  Before a crowd of 11 million viewers, five prospective presidents described how each were uniquely qualified to best crush the American spirit—all she has been and all she might someday could have been.  Not a single political promise remotely advanced the principles upon which our nation was founded, yet the crowd went wild.  Sadly, low information voters are about to voluntarily plunge America into a Marxist hell hole from which she will never return. 

There was a time when we were a constitutional republic where the only function of government was to secure the rights granted us by God.  Yet today, the masses believe we are a democracy where a show of hands can revoke or bequeath rights.  There was a time when American entrepreneurs were admired for their creativity, courage and willingness to work.  Yet today, those who have risked, struggled and succeeded are attacked as greedy.   There was time when fathers and grandfathers led their families on the path of righteousness.  Yet today, government programs have become the head of a household free-for-all.  There was a time when the right to self-defense was fundamental and every American was armed, prepared and willing to be their own first responder.  Yet today, the land of the free and the home of the brave has been replaced by the gun-free zone of the pansy.  There was a time America was a nation founded on religious freedom.  Yet today, the Supreme Court has decided it is government which will decide what is preached from the pulpit.  There was a time when only the Democrats worshiped the wealth redistribution principles of Marxism.  Yet today, many Republicans have so embraced the principles of compromise they also advance collectivism in exchange for pats on the head from Democrats and the press.   There was a time when freedom fueled the American spirit, but those times are gone.  

Voters seem eager to split our nation into the ruling class and the unwashed and if you do not know where you fit, trust me, you are the unwashed.  Of what use is it to educate, train and challenge yourself if you can simply vote for free stuff without ever leaving your sofa?  The murder of the American spirit will numb the unwashed into a half-drunk and hollow-eyed shell of humanity just like the zombies of the socialist, democracies of Europe.  We are about to let the blessings of liberty handed us by our forefathers slip through our fingers and that is as sugar-coated as I can make it.  Have a nice day.        


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