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The Great Divide

Over the weekend, the trophy wife and I flew to New Hampshire and Maine for marathons #22 and #23.  Eastern cities are mostly filled with city kids and while on vacation, I rarely engage the heavily indoctrinated in an intellectual debate.  Instead, I prefer people watching and casual conversations.   For example, Friday afternoon we tasted the wares in a Bristol, New Hampshire tap room owned by a former high school biology teacher.  The proprietor taught for 25 years, so I surmised he attended college in the ‘90s and likely was a climate changer believing government could regulate the weather through tax policy.  With ivy-league intellectuals controlling the climate, everyday would have just the right amount of rain and sunshine to grow a bumper crop of sugar plums and lollipops.  We were about to leave when the brewer’s only employee reported for duty.  Beer-tender #2 was a teacher wearing a Black Lives Matter, No to Fascism, #Charlottesville tee shirt; someone obviously needing extensive conservative cow doctor counseling.  Our time was too short for such a big job, so I paid our tab and we quietly left to pick up our race packets.  Here is what I should have said.             

Since Election Day, self-proclaimed tolerant leftists have hysterically labeled those with whom they disagree as fascist, white supremacists deserving violent rebuke.  By incessantly bombarding the masses with vile, anti-Trump, anti-American rhetoric many of the little people now believe their lies.  Hitler used this re-coloring technique to paint Jews, Poles and gypsies as sub-human species deserving extermination.  Once his first lie was believed, Germans casually accepted the smoke pouring from Auschwitz’s crematorium as fitting and proper.  To think such manipulative techniques died with Hitler is na´ve, as proven by the left’s minions believing that Nazism and fascism are right wing ideologies.  They are not.  

 America is split into progressives and constitutional conservatives with the former promoting a massive central authority where the ruling class solves every societal problem by regulation and being charitable with other people’s money.  To leftists, government has replaced God and nirvana is but one law away.  Stopping mass shootings by removing bump stocks from the market place is today’s perfect example.

 Constitutional conservatives, on the other hand, correctly believe America is a republic, a nation of laws where the sole purpose of the central government is to protect the natural rights endowed us by our Creator.  To conservatives, God is God and to think we can restore America by worshiping government is futile idolatry as demonstrated throughout the Old Testament. Now is the time to pray for our nation.         



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