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The Naked Truth

  Ever since I termed out of the Montana House, I suffer a recurring dream where I am chairing House Judiciary and during a brief recess, I discover I am not wearing pants.  Sometimes my nightmare graciously allows me to sneak out of Room 137 unnoticed, but usually Montanans gathering to speak to the committee suffer shock and awe at my social faux pas.  I hate those dreams.

 Contrary to my subconscious, apparently D.C. politicians and mega-donors are not embarrassed by personal public nakedness.  I suspect they are fully clothed in their nightmares and are conducting business with manners fitting and proper to mixed company.   How un-nerving.  This topic is timely because common to several of the sexual assault charges against mega-donor, Harvey Weinstein, was his stepping naked from a motel shower in the presence of a young, struggling actress.  Harvey Weinstein is not an attractive man, certainly no Al Franken, John Conyers or Matt Lauer.  For this to happen more than once suggests his bath time bait-and-switch must have worked in the past.  How is that possible? 

A few days back, I stepped from the shower to towel off in our adjoining weight room.  It is a small room made to appear larger by three full-length mirrors; a home decor trick promoted by Rudy Shui, Feng’s less astute younger brother.  I studied my dripping carcass, dumbfounded how any lady could find a naked man attractive.  Progressive pundits have proven $5K beaver blankets, flashy dog collars and blenders are unnecessary frills in the art of seduction if you just show up naked, which brings me to my point.

 You are being prepped to believe sexual harassment is epidemic.  Certainly, there are evil predators lurking in the shadows, but not at the level being presented.  Watch for this:  After citizens accept sexual harassment as a greater threat than Kim Jong Un juggling plutonium, propagandists at the Fake News Network will focus your attention on President Trump.   Media activists will endlessly loop the decade old video clip capturing his locker room banter where he claimed it is proper to grab ladies by their privates.  It is not, and he was wrong.  This will be instantly followed by an endless parade of coached victims accusing President Trump of sexual harassment.  Should midterm elections shift congressional control to the progressives, President Trump will be removed from office, thereby reclaiming the swamp.  That is the naked truth.    


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