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    The Right to Keep and Bear Blenders 

Ask any patron in Cabela’s to define “gun rights” and they will discuss rights granted them by the “Second Amendment”; a common misconception.  Conversely, ask a customer ordering a Chia latte at a Starbucks in Seattle to define “gun rights” and they will drone on and on and on about the inherent evils of clinging to God and guns, of violence in the NFL, how global warming is causing terrorism, how the minimum wage should be $15 per hour, why college tuition should be free and how Caitlyn Jenner deserves to me Time Magazine’s Man of the Year.  Bless their little hearts.  Progressives reflexively regurgitate propaganda all while thinking they are the smartest person in the room.  Let me explain American “gun rights.”    

Even though “gun rights” are part of the American lexicon, guns do not have rights, nor do hammers, microwaves, screwdrivers or blenders.  They are tools.  Once rights are attached to an inanimate object, government propagandists, Hollywood leftists and the state run media can then shade said object as being inherently evil.  For example, President Obama is progressively spinning the Islamic terrorists in San Bernardino were not evil, their guns were. Proving how attaching feelings to objects can manipulate public opinion, Massachusetts college students recently demanded counseling after spotting a Confederate flag.  If the Stars and Bars so frightens the indoctrinated, imagine the hysteria created by seeing an un-holstered 1911.  No longer the land of the free and the home of the brave, hope and change has made America a nation of pansies.   

Today, only a handful of citizens, and even fewer elected officials, grasp the original meaning behind American “gun rights.”  Our Declaration of Independence, identifies our natural right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as being endowed by our Creator.  As these rights come from God, it is our obligation to protect them for ourselves and others.  However, progressives reject God and instead worship big government as the creator of our rights which can then be revoked or bequeathed upon a show of hands or the whims of a king.  This is as dangerous as it is un-American.    

Our founders recognized we were not a nation of angels.  America’s new central government was granted few and limited powers, so our Constitution functions as a restraining order against the natural yearning for one man to rule another; a problematic prohibition for progressives.  The single greatest element guaranteeing our natural right to freedom is a well-armed citizenry upon which government cannot infringe; hence the “Second Amendment.”  America’s framers knew it, and this brings me to my point. 

President Obama is incrementally disarming the little people because progressives view the unwashed as subjects who must be disarmed to fit in their Marxist nirvana.  Election year 2016 is the last chance to restore our American republic.  Every Democrat and half the Republicans are progressives, so are complicit in disarming citizens.  Voters must know their candidates core beliefs on “gun rights.”                        


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