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Throw the Coffee on the Fire

A couple weeks ago, Representative Kelly Flynn dropped the off-hand comment, “The 75th legislative day sure makes the inside of a cow look good.” I smiled and nodded. Kelly’s cows are calving and the recent hint of spring has him, plus most other folks from agriculture backgrounds, anxious to get back to the lives they left at home. The community organizers in the chamber, on the other hand, love the political arena. They actually dread leaving this legislative nirvana and returning home. It is not surprising, professional advocates for the downtrodden view government spending as one of opportunity whereas conservatives, like Kelly, see it entirely as a burden. I guess it depends on whose ox is being gored; which brings me to my point. With the defection of liberal Republicans to the progressive agenda, total Treasure State spending is nearing 15 billion dollars over the biennium. This happens every session and here is why.

The Democrat caucus votes with mesmerizing unity while chanting they are bipartisan. At the other end of the organizational spectrum, are the liberal Republicans; a hodge-podge, conglomerate of free-spirits unfettered by party platforms or principles. Holding an allegiance only to compromise, they exchange votes for the slightest atta-boy from the left, so once again the Democrats advanced their agenda in spite of being a 39 to 61 minority in the House and a 21 to 29 minority in the Senate. If you mention this idiosyncrasy to these self-proclaimed, common sense Republicans they get cranky. As Mark Twain warned us it is easier to fool the people, than convince them they have been fooled. To ever shrink the size of government, every Democrat and liberal Republican simply must be removed from office.

With the rap of the gavel on Wednesday, April 24th, Montana’s 63rd legislative session adjourned bringing closure to my fourth and final term in the House of Representatives. Looking back over my eight years, I had few victories and spent most of my time on defense. The House Judiciary Committee, where I had the honor to serve as chairman this session, tabled 47 bills which would have empowered government over the people, but those days are history. In the words of John Wayne, “There is a point in every man’s life when it is time to throw the coffee on the fire and ride on.” Term limits have placed me at that point, so now someone else must step to the plate. Every patriot should consider this a call to arms. If you do not pick up the sword and shield of liberty, who will? If not now, when? You either lead, or you will be led by the progressives directly into tyranny. It is entirely your choice

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