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  Unsettled Science  

Science is never settled.  It is through questioning and repeated testing of theories that knowledge increases and civilization advances.  Had the ruling class decreed man’s inability to fly was settled science and the unwashed believed them, the Wright brothers would have obediently continued building bicycles.  Fortunately, flight was not settled science and the Wright Flyer eventually led to the 747 and transcontinental flights.  Here are four other examples proving my point. 

Ailments of early American patriots were often treated with the 18th century, medically accepted practice of blood-letting.  Thomas Paine, the author of “Common Sense,” barely survived a well-intentioned phlebotomy performed by fellow patriot Benjamin Rush.  Blood-letting was settled science and not up for reconsideration.

 In 1972, John Yudkin, a British professor of nutrition, theorized it was sugar, not fat causing obesity, heart disease and diabetes.  Ruling class nutritionists blamed dietary fat and cholesterol as the cause and Mr. Yudkin was ridiculed for being a fat denier.  The benefits of sugar over fats became settled science and was not up for debate.

 On August 14, 1975, the New York Times reported the earth was “heading for another ice age.”  On December 10th, 1976 Science magazine warned of “extensive Northern Hemisphere glaciation.”  Earth’s impending ice-age was settled science, so all contrary opinions were silenced.

 Saturday, April 22nd was Earth Day and leftists encouraged everyone to march for the settled science of man-caused climate change.  Ruling class activists claim 97 percent of climatologists agree man is destroying the planet, so climate change is not due additional study.  This brings me to my point. 

 The above claims are wrong because scientific questions are forever subject to debate and most definitely, they are never, ever settled by a show of hands.  Consider these truths: 

         The practice of blood-letting was exsanguinated in the 1800s.  

         In 1960, America’s obesity rate was 13 percent, but excessive dietary sugar consumption grew it to 35 percent by 2000.  Yudkin was right, sugar is the culprit. 

         The unstoppable ice age froze in its tracks in the 1980s, but the same people fanning its flames instantly switched horses to claim the Earth was then warming out of control.   

Protestors marching for science on Earth Day 2017 are too indoctrinated to recognize the con.  Data claiming the earth just suffered its three warmest years was altered and millennials have swallowed the theory the ruling class can control the weather through tax policy.  They are mesmerized into submission by state-sponsored, settled science even though it is in error.                                          



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