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  Welcome to Oblivion

Oblivion is not a country, yet its residents pose a real danger to America.  Evidence of this threat can be found on internet videos poking fun at these citizen’s vacant stares when asked simple political questions.  Like hanging with fat friends so as to make yourself look thin, viewers of these chuckle-clips feel like political Einsteins watching the progressives struggle for answers while on camera.  As funny as they are, do not base your opinion as to the intelligence of collectivists on these film clips as there is much more reliable data upon which to base your proper, preconceived, notions 

Socialism is a failed ideology guaranteeing equality of misery for the unwashed.  Only the ruling class jets around the country in wealth-redistribution economies.  Conversely, it is free-market capitalism with limited government and individual liberty, which generates the greatest prosperity for those willing to think, work and risk.  Under capitalism there will be rich and poor, but we little people gets to choose our lot in life.  Choose rich, but lock up your stuff because socialist politicians want to steal it.   

 The most recent Democrat presidential debate pitted an avowed socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders, against a sublime socialist, Secretary Hillary Clinton.  Amazingly, scheduling this debate just as America’s national debt exploded through 19 trillion dollars did not dampen these candidate’s willingness to serve up new freebies.  There is simply no limit as to how much of your stuff they are willing to give away.  I do not criticize them, as promising bounty produced by the sweat of others is a proven campaign trick, but why do voters repeatedly fall for this?  Let’s leave that question hanging while I ramble to a related current event.

 The media is hyping a Zika virus epidemic.  This is a mosquito-borne disease of the tropics and the virus is not particularly pathogenic as it only triggers a week’s weak fever in healthy adults.  However, babies of mothers infected during pregnancy can suffer from microcephaly and underdeveloped brains.  As of February 3rd, there have been 35 travel associated cases across the United States, but this might not be new.  Watching millennials hysterically waving “Feel the Bern” campaign signs while oblivious to the fact they will pay for their own freebies, makes me think the Zika virus infected the United States decades ago.  Welcome to Oblivion; land of the perpetually misinformed and uninformed.                    


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