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When Push Comes to Shove

In my early years, I was employed at a veterinary practice which was suffering management turmoil.  While elk hunting in November of 1988, my fireside chats with my buddies focused on adjustments I should make once back at work.  However, my smoke-seasoned plans were soon rendered meaningless after all staff veterinarians were offered a 30 percent pay cut to keep our jobs.  I was married with three little ones, had a mortgage, was unemployed for the first time, yet felt an enormous sense of relief.  Apparently, I wasn’t picking up what God was putting down, so He shoved me.  In 45 days, I secured a building, staff, equipment and inventory and began chasing the American dream. 

The first year of a start-up business is not all sugar plums and lollipops and there is a fine line between being self-employed and unemployed.  During the cold winter days when folks weren’t riding their horses through the wire or running over their blue heeler with the feed truck, I wondered exactly which side of the line I occupied.  Over the years, I tolerated the slow seasons by capitalizing on the busy ones.  God has blessed me with both and this brings me to my point.

In 2014, a Pew study showed sixty percent of citizens felt the American dream was unachievable.  This is predictable, because since garnering power in 2008, President Obama cultivated misery by claiming the success of the little people originates entirely from the generosity of the ruling class. This incessant progressive dogma eventually squelches ambition, risk, dedication and ingenuity with hopelessness eventually infecting our great experiment in freedom.  However, Pew discovered 82 percent of today’s respondents either have achieved, or are achieving the American dream.  What a flip.  Just as with Ronald Reagan following the Carter years, Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda is stimulating an American economic explosion due to rampant optimism in the producing class.  The Democrats, the never-Trump Republicans, the media and the Washington bureaucratic cartel fear their ruling kingdom is withering before their eyes.  Let’s hope so. 

Today, even though optimism has replaced pessimism, the heavily indoctrinated millennials are still choosing free stuff over freedom.  A Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation study shows 44 percent of millennials prefer socialism over capitalism.  Attention millennials:  If you continue to swallow the progressive lie of dependency, you will be on your knees and begging your entire life.  Liberty and free-market capitalism leads to the American dream, so you best chase it now rather than waiting for God to shove you.                                                 



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